10 Reasons Why Secondhand Designer Is Better Than Buying New

1. Nothing is getting burned to save a brand’s dignity

Yes, seriously — when Burberry admitted to literally burning their excess stock to save on storage costs, the fashion world was outraged, and rightly so. Not only is it a waste of perfectly good clothing, it’s an insult to the incredible seamstresses who worked their hands to the bone crafting those collections. Buying secondhand and keeping perfectly wearable clothing from the landfill cycle (or just being outright destroyed) is a bonus for both the environment and the hardworking creators.

2. It’s less likely to be worn by someone else

Trends come and go more than we can keep track, and one of the (many) drawbacks of fast fashion is the nature of this mass market. It’s become the norm to see the same cheaply made dress or skirt being worn by twenty different people, but by buying secondhand designer you’re pretty much guaranteed to get something no one else has.

Just because something is “out of season” doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. While everyone else is dressed the same, you can stand out in something unique instead.

3. You’re actually *saving* money by buying high-end

Think about it. If someone presents you with two different jackets, one from Zara and one from Chanel, and offers you the same price for both, which one are you going to choose? Exactly. Why would you go for the mass-produced option that everyone else on the high street can get hold of when you could have a one-off, luxury option for the same price? Please note the Chanel jacket was hypothetical. 

4. Discover luxury brands without breaking the bank

On the same note, buying second hand designer pieces is an easy way to dip your toe into the high end waters without emptying your bank account. One of the biggest drawbacks of buying designer fashion is the cost, but if you buy it secondhand you can easily realise your dream.

5. You’re at the vanguard

Thanks to the popularity of clothes selling apps like Depop and Vinted and the rise of thrifting as a hobby, the reselling market is growing exponentially faster than the regular market. Scouring the rails for secondhand fashion is actually cool now, and even celebrity have caught the bug for rewearing.

6. It’s good for the environment

If everyone wore a pre-loved outfit on Christmas Day this year, the CO2 emissions saved would be equivalent to taking 56 million cars of the road for a day.

You might’ve seen this particular quote floating around the internet before, and every single time it blows our minds. There’s so much textile “waste” being destroyed and dumped into landfills every single day simply because it’s unwanted, even though it’s still in perfect condition. By buying secondhand, you can help to disrupt the landfill cycle.

7. Mindful, conscious consumerism

Now, we’re not totally against fast fashion — we know that spending more for a lot less is a privilege many can’t afford, and we’re in no position to judge. However, practicing mindfulness is all the rage right now, and if it’s something you’re able to do, extending it into your shopping habits could make you feel so much better.

8. You can keep the cycle going when you no longer want it

That’s the beautiful thing about secondhand, it just keeps going. If you fall out of love with an item, you have the option to donate it, swap it with a friend, or sell it onto someone else — and they can do exactly the same, over and over again.

9. Vintage was made to last

There’s a reason that vintage clothing is still so popular — it lasts. It was made to. Where mass-produced items are well known for their ability to start falling apart after just a few washes, the clothing of yesteryear was built specifically to be resilient rather than easily replaceable.

Designer, too, is more hardwearing; that’s why it tends to be so expensive brand new. You’re not just paying for the label, you’re paying for the high quality materials and craftsmanship that go into producing every single piece.

When it’s looked after properly, vintage and designer clothing can last for decades looking as good as the day it was made.

10. It just makes you feel good

In these tough times there’s nothing we encourage more than letting yourself feel good, and knowing that you’ve taken a positive step for the environment, the universe and your wardrobe by buying secondhand is something you should definitely applaud yourself for.

Go on, give yourself a nice little pat on the back. You deserve it!