FAQ'S with our founder Alice de Muller


1) Why did you start a business selling preowned fashion?

It was a little side hustle I did from my kitchen but I could see how profitable and rewarding it was even then. There were things that really bothered me however about the third party sites I was using. I didn't want to wait at home for someone to send me an item in their own time, when they felt like it. I didn't want as a customer to be reliant on their schedule, I wanted a swift, easy way to buy preowned fashion but I wanted a bit of luxury thrown in with beautiful packaging etc and I wanted a really reliable service where I could be sure the item would arrive as it was described. I created what I wanted to use as a consumer if that makes sense. I tried to fix what irritated me about the incumbent system.


2) What is an average day like in your office?

It is really fun I hope! My dog Pancake does his little tour of the desks and there is a lot of multitasking as the business grows... Everyone chips in and we laugh as much as we can. Life is too short not to laugh, especially when you get a nightmare customer. As for actual tasks there is a lot of sorting through incredible designer fashion, a lot of admin and a lot of digital tasks involved in actually getting the items online. Hunting down the designer stock we sell is also an integral part of the day.

3) What is the hardest part of being a business owner?

It is definitely the feeling of responsibility for the entire operation, which can be really daunting at times, but I am starting to see it as more of a team building exercise, of which I am just a part; this has really helped me overcome the fear. 

4) What is your favourite part of running a business?

Working with people I really like, creating jobs that didn't exist before is incredibly rewarding and it is just so fun on a daily basis. I love going into work.