Nessy’s Festival Edit

Allow us to introduce you to one of our new favourite people.

Not only is she gorgeous but she is a talented fashion designer and founder of Nessy Dress. We had the pleasure of spending an afternoon photographing her in her favourite Love Alice pre-loved pieces.

Nessy’s business, much like our own, is centred around sustainability and ethical production. Rather than adding to the pile of mass-produced landfill that floods the high street, Nessy produces one collection a year of bold, lovingly made items including dresses, tops and jumpsuits from traditional fabrics, crafted with indigenous techniques by fairly paid and supported artisans. It’s an added bonus that the finished pieces are absolutely gorgeous with their trademark Nessy flair.

Nessy describes herself as a wife, a mother, a dancer and a traveller, and all of these identities are represented through her work. Her dresses are soft, floaty and utterly beautiful one offs that will roam effortlessly with you from the beach to the country and all the way into the city. Be sure to check out her site and see for yourself.

Her personal style embodies that romantic, summery 70s glamour that everyone dreams of achieving every time the sun comes out (think fanned-out Stevie Nicks hair and the swishy gypsy dresses you might’ve worn to Woodstock) and it was exactly that vibe that got us thinking about collaborating on a Nessy edit.

We met up with Nessy at her home on the Longleat estate to play dress up in the sunshine, and the results are quite magical, just as we expected...

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