Roundup: Our Favourite Fashion Bloggers

Hands up if you remember the golden days of blogging — catching up on what you missed though your RSS feed, dodging the awkward spam comments and waiting an age for those photo-heavy posts to finally load? These days, blogging looks a lot different, especially in the fashion sphere; Instagram has come to the forefront by making sharing photos and stories almost effortless, and the rise of influencers is, well, influencing styles and trends more than anything is able to.

We’re easily pleased — we love a good outfit pic with or without a story in the caption— so we thought we’d share a selection of our current favourite fashion bloggers, both traditional and instagram-based, so you can get your fair share of inspo too!


Victoria has been at the helm of the fashion blogging world since it’s inception. She’s conquered YouTube, the world of publishing, and still manages to maintain her website whilst also being an ambassador for brands such as Bvlgari and Vestiaire Collective and launching a collection with Holland Cooper! Catch her on Instagram with an endless selection of perfectly put-together looks from high end to high street, with plenty of beauty and lifestyle content thrown in too.


India Moon

Influencer India does cool girl street style so, so well. Every look she puts together manages to be a perfect mix of comfortable and cool, and we’re just *obsessed* with how effortless and fun she makes everything look. Stalk her instagram and you'll find bright pastel colours and loose cuts to inspire your outfit for your next brunch date.

Tess Montgomery

Self-confessed ex shopaholic Tess has captured our hearts with her mission to curate a more sustainable wardrobe. She champions rewearing versatile pieces and is a big supporter of the ‘price per wear’ belief — something that we fully encourage in regards to shopping secondhand designer. Tess’ Instagram is an endless guide to wearing and shopping sustainably and we adore how she makes one item work in so many different ways.


She manages to mix neutrals with bright pops of colour and make it work perfectly, and for that reason Monikh is the ultimate inspiration for making sure your wardrobe doesn’t match the grey and dreary weather this autumn and winter. As a contributor to Who What Wear she keeps us in the loop about everything that matters while on her blog, Monikh does weekly roundups of the best new releases so you never miss the best of what the fashion world has to offer.

Susie Lau

She made her mark back in the day with her iconic fashion blog Style Bubble, and Susie has always had her own totally unique aesthetic — she does bright and bold, weird and wonderful, and always, always manages to make it work. Her looks might not be for everyone, but if there’s one thing Susie does incredibly well, it’s encouraging risk taking and confidence in your outfit choices, and we love that.

Olivia & Alice

Nope, not the brand — these London-based sisters are known for their bold, beautiful coordinated styles and we think they’re fab. They don’t step into weird matchy-matchy territory but still manage to look incredible side by side, and if there’s anything we need as the darker months draw in, it’s a good ol’ splash of colour!