Secondhand September

Oxfam has set the world a challenge: to only buy secondhand clothing for the month of September (or even longer if you feel like it). Whether it’s online or in store, shopping secondhand is an easy way to care for both the planet and your bank balance, and in the case of charity shops, support local communities too.

Clothes don’t stop being wearable just because they go out of fashion or aren’t your style anymore. By donating your clothing when you no longer want or need it, you’re giving the items a whole new lease of life in another wardrobe and actively helping to combat climate change.

Here are the facts:

13 million items of clothing are sent to UK landfills every week, and even if it’s not in wearable condition, 95% of textile waste can still be used or recycled. That’s tonnes — actual metric tonnes — of clothing that could’ve been worn, loved and used again, just being dumped every. single. week.

The throwaway culture around fast fashion isn’t something we can change in a single month, but challenges like Secondhand September can prove to even the biggest doubters just how easy it is to find perfect condition, budget-friendly and eco-positive clothing that looks amazing and makes you feel just as good. Because, as actress Sienna Miller said:

If we all make small changes,
together we can make a difference.

Here at LOVE ALICE, we’re working hard to disrupt the landfill cycle by offering up a carefully curated selection of beautiful pre-owned designer clothing. Some of our recent favourites?

This navy Stella McCartney blouse with an edgy zip-up front; a luxe black Alice & Olivia skirt studded with gold; or if you want to make a real statement, the gorgeous Safiyaa Sequinned Blazer.


You can read more about Oxfam’s Secondhand September project here — will you be taking on the challenge?