Shopping Second Hand Designer

Who doesn't love a bargain quite frankly? And in a world where so many have lost so much, now more than ever we need to watch our spending. And yet a little luxury goes a long way to making the average woman feel truly good about herself. Think of the tights with seams down the back during the Second World War, the lipstick, the hair pinned up into rolls. When life is tough, fashion gets tougher.

Why spend a fortune?

There really is no need to spend a fortune on brand-new designer clothing. Who's to know it's even second-hand once it's on? With so many brands admitting to burning their stock just to avoid the cost of storage, doesn't it feel great to renew something by wearing it again? When budget is an issue why not be creative?  Style it up, add a belt, wear a dress over trousers, dye it a different colour, the options are endless. 
We all know it’s not just what we buy but the feeling that shopping brings. It has always felt good to buy designer clothes; it has filled a need in us to make the best of ourselves, to 'pull ourselves together' as Liz Taylor would say. 

A new way to buy high-quality clothing

However in a world of excess and climate change maybe that feeling has changed, especially now that  the word new has a whole host of negative connotations. Thankfully there is a different way to buy clothing, one that doesn't cost the planet and still feels luxury. Our team spends all of their time up and down the country hunting out the best second hand designer clothes for you to buy, because it takes time and effort to find these magical items. Alongside working with brands we are constantly liaising with our tribe of followers in the fashion industry who feed us the pieces on site. Women who are as invested as us in buying and selling preloved fashion in a way that hasn't been done before.
Here at LOVE ALICE we want you to shop in a different way too, so we have created the service we would personally like to use, highly curated collections that you don't have to spend days sifting through, with customer service at the forefront, we want to forget it's unwanted by someone, but simply on a journey to a new home, to a new custodian, we want to re-new these items, give them the lease of life they deserve. A tag or not a tag, a great imagery or not great imagery that's the difference between buying new and buying second hand, so why can't we marry the experience of the first with the benefits of the latter?
That's what we constantly challenge ourselves to do at Curated By - to bring you the best service possible with the best preowned fashion we can find.
Because old is the new, new.