The Logo Edit

We are so excited about this blog post here in the LOVE ALICE office — we've actually been looking forward to sharing it! You've probably guessed it from the title, but logos are officially back!

We know right, we thought we would never see the day. There was a time when actively showing off a brand was looked down on but we are loving this resurgence! Don't believe us?! Well, according to the fashion search engine Lyst, worldwide demand for logoed pieces is up 59% since September. It's also up 40% on Pinterest; 'Chanel logo' alone is up 150%. If you're still on the fence about it, here are some stars absolutely rocking their designer logos.

Gigi Hadid in Fendi, Niecy Nash in Gucci, Winnie Harlow in Dior

Believe us now? Good. So why is it that they're coming back in fashion? We've not seen it much since before the Noughties, a more discreet era of luxury due to the 2008 recession. Is it Gen Z reverting back to logo-mania? 20-year-old Benji Park, whose TikTok account has 198.8k followers, says 'On the one hand we are superkeen to be sustainable and buy timeless designer pieces. On the other hand we are the hype generation'. 

So now that we've bored you with all the facts about logos, here are some of our favourite preloved designer garments we have here at Love Alice. 

First up we have this Faux Leather Black Puffer Coat by DKNY which is brand new with tags. This is a very versatile coat that you can throw on top of literally anything, and that DKNY embroidered logo on the front is a nice, subtle touch to the logo mania craze if you're not looking to be covered from head to toe.

Next up we have these Extreme Platform Heels from Fendi with red contrast and of course the Fendi logo, which apparently Karl Lagerfeld designed in under five seconds in 1965. It's now plastered over all of their products! 

And lastly, but certainly not least, is the Brown 100% Leather Logo Embossed Handbag by Gucci. This is our absolute favourite thing in the shop at the moment and we can't wait for one of our amazing customers call it theirs!

Remember Black Friday is here! Bring out your inner celebrity and buy pre-owned, secondhand designer logo pieces!