The Rise of Eventing and Secondhand

We might be biased here, but isn’t it really great how secondhand fashion is having a ~moment~ right now? Sustainability and conscious shopping are really being pushed to the forefront. Our passion isn’t just a drop in the ocean of fast fashion consumerism anymore — even the big brands and events are taking notice of the mission and pushing the beauty of secondhand fashion into the spotlight, and we’re so here for it.

The latest event to spearhead the slow fashion revolution is Goodwood Revival, saying:

Whether it’s something beautiful passed down through the generations, or the timeless spoils of a thrift mission brought back to life with a clever stitch or two, Revival is all about celebrating – and encouraging – circular rather than fast fashion.

Every year the Sussex countryside plays host to Goodwood Revival, a celebration of years gone by in the form of carefully restored cars and a truly stunning selection of loved and preserved vintage clothing, and this year they’ve only gone and signed the actual Queen of Thrifting herself, Bay Garnett, as their very first Revival Style Adviser.

Bay and Goodwood will be working together ahead of the event this September to champion the belief that secondhand can be glamorous and stylish, and obviously with our curated collection of pre-owned designer fashion and vintage treasures this is an ethos we can back 100%.

Whether you’re off to Goodwood this year or have any other event marked in your diary, we can help you support the campaign for more secondhand fashion.

We have so many different items on offer, from the vintage styles the festival is advocating to pre-owned designer with a lifetime of wear left. And if you can’t quite face splashing out just for a single event (because really, there are only so many occasions where it’s deemed “acceptable” to wear a ballgown) then our new rental selection might be just what you’re looking for.

We can play the role of fairy godmother and send you off to the ball in one of our top end items; all you have to do is get in touch.