Why I Love Pre-Owned Designer

Hunting down second-hand designer - the thrill of it!

What's not to love?  Once I had wandered into my local charity shop, then accompanied my mother to a flea market I was hooked on the hunt for second-hand designer...I really got the thrill of the chase!

Beautiful second-hand designer items waiting to be found 

What might you find? Where might it have come from? Who was its previous owner? It never occurred to me that these items might be perceived as less than because they were second hand, they just seemed like treasure to me; an eighties YSL jacket, or a print that you'd never find on the high street, something quirky and utterly unique. So it wasn't new, why did it matter?
Back then it wasn't fashionable to buy second hand, it was a secret you had to whisper under your breath, but then the world caught up; sites like Vestiaire Collective appeared and started to take a huge cut of the market, and all of a sudden it was everywhere, and hasn't it been wonderful? To be able to buy things at a fraction of their original price? To give things a new life and also convert everyone who compliments you on the joys of buying pre-owned.
It's a sea change that has been a long time coming.

Sustainability at the core - and that includes fashion 

Designers knew they would have to change things, that they could no longer burn their stock, and that sustainability would now be at the core of everything they do.
Reusing and repurposing, upcycling has become all the craze but it's also been a delightful way of adding some much needed variety into the fashion industry.
There are few greater joys than stumbling across an Umit Kutluk bustier or a Moschino metallic one shoulder mini that you know someone has loved before you. Vintage Gucci, or vintage Tommy Hilfiger? Who needs to go into a store and buy them brand new? Where we hope to differentiate ourselves is in adding a little touch of luxury to the process of buying second hand, making it easy, making the process swift and seamless and offering a service where there is no compromise that has to be made. That means fancy packaging (made from recycled materials) and fast, free shipping, with hassle free returns. Exactly as if you had bought the item new. Because the only thing we are more passionate about than pre-owned fashion is customer service. Second hand with all the perks.