Why We Love Second-Hand Fashion

It’s simple: because no one else is wearing the same thing!  We just can't bear turning up to the same party in the same high street dress as another guest, I mean, who wants to look like a carbon copy of the girl in the Zara swing skirt? Ok we did style it a little differently but still… 

It’s just such a buzz, isn’t it? To find that little gem at a car boot sale that says “Ooh, you have style, you have extremely good taste, and I will accompany you on your life’s journey from here to eternity”. 

Second-hand designer gear genuinely helps the planet; anything that doesn’t have to be remade, resewn, re-transported to a shop from a factory, doesn’t use up vital resources, which the planet doesn’t have.  It’s a whole lot of energy that isn’t being consumed in the making of something new. Because energy = carbon emissions and carbon emissions = bad for the environment. 

Pre-owned designer is the answer

They don’t make clothes like they used to, frankly.  Yes, Zara and Mango have on-trend pieces that are magicked up at the blink of an eye, but the inspiration for those pieces came from designers who went before them, and wouldn’t you love to have the original instead of a pale imitation?  Second-hand designer is the answer! 

Yes, second-hand designer fashion and vintage is all the rage, didn’t you know? That’s because there’s so much clothing in circulation that nothing needs to be manufactured for us ever again; we could just wear what is out there already. Ok, we love certain designers with wholly new offerings, like Serena Bute, for example; I mean, how beautiful are those trouser and shirt combos? Or our other favourite, Vassilisa? (Check out our dedicated collection!) But vintage and second-hand fashion fills a need in us to hunt for something other. 

Woman holding designer bag

Second-hand fashion is about more than the environment

It’s about shopping in a new way:  We believe there is a way to shop for pre-owned fashion which hasn’t been tried before, that’s why we spend time photographing each and every item as meticulously as we can (this can be a lengthy process!), we also add every single measurement as sizes vary so much between brands.  

Second-hand designer shopping with superior, speedy service

One of the things that has always bugged us about shopping second-hand on sites like eBay and Vestiaire Collective, is that sometimes we want that item quickly and there’s no guarantee the lovely seller at home will send it in our time scale (after all, that party might be tomorrow night!).   Sometimes we also want a bit of fancy packaging and to be sure we can return the item free of charge which, unfortunately, with third party sites you can’t always do. So, we have tried to fix all the things about shopping for second-hand designer that we find irksome, and to create the level of service we would like to enjoy ourselves.

We think there is a place for an elevated experience to shopping pre-owned designer that removes the thrift element of it, because not everyone has time to go hunting and scouring in their spare time; a lot of you are simply too busy. That’s why the curated range we offer is our pride and joy, we’ve already done all the filtering; ‘edited out all the noise’ and left just the stand-out pieces. Which we hope makes it more joyful than ever before to shop this way. 

Because the more people we convert to shopping for second-hand designer, the more we can be confident of a whole new movement, one that will see pre-owned shops sit alongside new ones on the high street, a retail revolution if you will. Because who wants fast fashion when you can ‘shop slow’ (with all the perks)?