Understanding Conditions

Brand new with tags

Unworn and with the original tags still attached, the item is in perfect condition as if you’d just purchased it directly from the brand.

Excellent condition

The item is in as-new condition; often unworn, with no staining or damage.

Very good condition

The item has some signs of wear but is otherwise fine. Minor discolouration or small/easily fixed damage (loose buttons, tiny holes etc) is clearly pointed out in the description.

For shoes, there is some wear to the soles but plenty of life left.

Good condition

Any staining, damage and/or missing pieces are clearly pointed out in the listing. The item has been worn before but has plenty of life left.

Fair condition

Most often used for handbags/shoes and other leather items where discolouration and wear are clearly evident but not necessarily fixable. The item is still perfectly usable. 

We do not sell anything in a condition we wouldn’t be happy to buy ourselves.

If you’d like more in-depth information about any particular item, please feel free to send an inquiry via email or to our dedicated WhatsApp number (07480 064 525) and we can provide extra photos and specific descriptions.