Meet The Team

Here at L O V E  A L I C E, we’re dedicated to bringing you the very best — whether it’s through the high-quality pieces we’re sourcing, the attentive customer service when you need it, or the parcels we package up with love and care. Every step of the way we try to ensure your shopping experience with us is the very best it can be.


ALICE de MULLER — founder
Passionate about fashion and customer service. Loves Dairy Milk and Nespresso.  Learning to scale a business one day at a time.

EMMA — digital content coordinator
A colour lover, earring maker, word writer, dog stroker and to-do list enthusiast who almost always needs a coffee to get through the afternoon.

SOPHIE — customer services
Suspect number one in all office pen thefts but also supplier of snacks and the one who wraps your items like they’re Christmas presents. Really good at letting her tea go cold while she replies to emails.

PANCAKE — team mascot
Sometimes helpful and sweet, sometimes takes to running round the desks barking. Enough said.