We like to be different

There should be no compromises in shopping second-hand designer, so we offer:


Can we get a whoop whoop? Yes, as long as the labels are still on and it's in the same condition as when we sent it (we have magical ways of remembering this) we will take any item back free of charge — just email us at shop@love-alice.co.uk for a label. This is an upgrade on the traditional thirty-day returns policy of e-commerce, because we like to disrupt things.


Bien sur. We want you to have exactly the same experience as buying new, and we want your package (delicately wrapped and lightly placed into the gloved hands of couriers) to reach you in record time, so we always ship the same day if the order is made before 3pm.


Most of the circular economy depends on time starved people at home rushing this bit, but we think it's really important, so we delight in wrapping and tissuing sustainably whilst accompanied by the dulcet tones of Ludovico Einaudi, because you deserve that luxury. Even better, every single part of our packaging process is eco-friendly. Acid free tissue paper? You bet. Recyclable packing tape? Duh. Reusable mesh garment bags? Obviously.


We love talking to our customers and always answer as swiftly as we can; give us a call on 01749 938 029. If you can't get though, leave a message or email shop@love-alice.co.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We've had enough of customer services agents based half way across the world who do not understand our queries, so we promise to always have a focused, knowledgable person available when you need us.


The collection we have available is curated by us; we own everything you see, unlike traditional third party websites or consignment models. That means no excess waiting times while the man in the middle fishes out your order — we know exactly where everything is at all times so we can get it to you as soon as you want it.


We can offer you the best prices without any compromise, and we can do magical sales events online whenever we want because we don't have to ask anyone's permission. We quite like that bit.


Behind the scenes we are scouring the UK, with a beady eye on all the best pre-owned designer pieces. We're doing all the hard work for you because sometimes you just don't have time to hunt, and it's what we're really good at.


We might not be able to get you a boyfriend (soz), but we can offer a system that truly cares: about the items, about your experience of them and about you.